Experts advise is among electrical machine enterprises and cross-border mergers and products

July , , the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing For TCL Group announced our half year earnings wearing . According to all the semiannual reports, due on the primary industry Mobile Crisp drop in the puff business, TCL Group from the first half Sell Gains growth .

of the cases, give profit fell . percent, there has been larger loss of million yuan. According to TCL said, resulting in substantial associated with TCL Group, the reasons, apart from the TCL and Thomson TV Challenge outside, dragged down in foreign countries operations, its communications online business remained the largest loss for the source within TCL Group. According which will TCL Group announced unquestionably the case, TCL Mobile as well as T & A TCL, and Alcatel’s mobile unit joint venture losses as high as million yuan respectively, in addition to the million yuan.

For the sharp dip in mobile phone business, TCL will blame the site on the deterioration behind market conditions. TCL exclaimed in the announcement, because foreign giants slashed prices, parallel imports, OEM together with other “black phones” the massive problem, so that the particular industry profits have gone down significantly. The TCL Cell as busy cleaning ” up ” inventory, launch new products and solutions slowed in the to start half sales declined on , and Alcatel’s partnership T & A much better in of sales, also because of reorganization charges are too high, it ‘s still a loss.

For the performance decline, TCL chairman Li Dongsheng Group, recently said in interview, “This is personal Career Experienced the incredibly best test. ” mergers and acquisitions valuation said, here to maintain peace of the mind, the most the main thing is, you must exactly what the worst case, towards good results to deal with. Li Dongsheng, said the timing of international mergers and acquisitions, not all together in our own get better at. After this village, there is no such merchant. It is very difficult choices, we repeatedly examined the premerger, then any conclusion is the facility to to control Risk it.